Tag: Hacks

October 26 2015

Current Augmented Reality headsets and (Head-mounted displays) HMDs like the Microsoft HoloLens and Meta 2 are still very expensive and inaccessible. Together with Marc and Michelle, we present a simple approach to allow everyone who owns a mobile phone to[…]

January 19 2014

I discussed with David that it would be awesome to use some patches of OLED, or LEDs and PDLC panels to build together a volumetric display, that consists of cubic transparent, switchable voxels. I was fascinated by the idea and[…]

October 25 2013

According to Google’s Data Liberation Front (and German privacy laws), users are able to download a complete record of their data from the Google servers. This service is implemented as Google Takeout. I downloaded my Location History data of the[…]

January 8 2012

I went to IKEA recently and could not resist to buy two of these awesome DIODER lights for 20 € each. One set consists of 4 bars with 9 RGB LEDs each, a power supply and a control unit to[…]