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September 23 2016

In the framework of InnoTrans 2016, the world’s largest trade fair focused on the rail transport industry, we presented some of our recent work at Siemens on the “Digital Train” exhibit.

May 25 2016

The motivation for this project was to build a minimalist quadcopter platform to carry a smartphone up in the air. The smartphone can not just capture videos of the flight, but could also be connected to the flight controller and[…]

October 26 2015

Current Augmented Reality headsets and (Head-mounted displays) HMDs like the Microsoft HoloLens and Meta 2 are still very expensive and inaccessible. Together with Marc and Michelle, we present a simple approach to allow everyone who owns a mobile phone to[…]

May 12 2014

We deployed Drunken Ed in the framework of the Berlin Long Night of Science 2014. Drunken Ed is an Urban Game that was initiated by a very ambitious group of students of the Mobile Interaction course that we give at[…]

December 12 2013
October 25 2013

According to Google’s Data Liberation Front (and German privacy laws), users are able to download a complete record of their data from the Google servers. This service is implemented as Google Takeout. I downloaded my Location History data of the[…]

August 2 2013

Together with HIIG Startup Clinics we installed an interactive screen at Factory Berlin. The system was running for one day within the scope of the Factory Summer Fair. It might be a bit off-topic, but the summer fair was the[…]

July 29 2013

We installed a large interactive rear-projection at the TU Berlin Cafeteria. The system is standing there for one week from 29th of july until 2nd of august 2013. It’s an interactive survey tool, that allows students to vote on a[…]

July 22 2013

We installed an interactive survey tool at Betahaus Berlin. The system is installed for two weeks between 22nd of july and 2nd of august 2013. We use a Kinect camera and an ultra-bright projector to turn a regular wall into[…]

March 31 2013

My little DIY project for the easter vacations. It’s dangerous as hell 🙂

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