Category: Code

April 7 2013

I wrote a small ripper for spotify. It can save your favourite tracks and albums directly to mp3 files and it even includes id3 meta information (including album cover). It uses libspotify [4], the official third-party developer package from spotify[…]

January 8 2012

I went to IKEA recently and could not resist to buy two of these awesome DIODER lights for 20 € each. One set consists of 4 bars with 9 RGB LEDs each, a power supply and a control unit to[…]

November 11 2011

I’ve been looking for ways to access the sound that is currently being played using Minim or the JavaSound API. The idea was to analyze sound that is generated by any arbitrary program running on the computer. The good thing[…]

August 14 2011

The java wrapper for OpenNI that is included in version v1.3.2.3 comes with one significant drawback: It provides only a quite memory consuming way to access image data. Images are stored in objects of type org.OpenNI.Map, which provide a createByteBuffer()[…]